Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hi folks 

Thought I'd start a blog for this year’s up and coming racing season to let everyone know what I'm up to.

For this year, I'm riding for the Endura/Pedal Power development team which has been set up by Jonathan McBain. The team includes former Endura pro's Gary Hand and Davy Lines, two 1st year seniors from last year’s Pedal Power team, Jordan Stokes and Scottish Junior Champ, Scott McCrossan, and my Glasgow Wheelers team mate Dougie Young. He was one of the strongest guys in the top races last year and I'm sure this year will play even a bigger part this season.

The whole team at the camp at Callendar in November, just before all the snow came!

Last week we got back from a 10 day training camp to Lanzarote. The first couple of days were a bit wet...the most rain they’ve ever had on record apparently! But after that it was just like a Scottish summer so it was great to get out every day a put in the miles. We did big rides most days we were there while putting in some speed stuff and racing up the climbs. I’ve been ill on and off all winter so Lanzarote couldn’t have came any sooner to get the form up. Most weekends I've also been going out with the Aniesland bunch which has been great to test out the legs. 

Our training camp in Lanzarote.

I've got a couple of scottish races in a few weeks, then comes my first major goal of the season, the Tour Doonhame Premier Callendar in April which should be good...