Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter Update

Hi everyone

Just giving a quick update on what’s been happening with me so far over the winter season.

In November, I joined Team Herbalife/Leisure Lakes Bikes for the 2012 season. Managed by Neil Taylor and Geoff Newcombe, they are based near Kendal, North West England and are getting great support from sponsors like Herbalife 24, Leisure Lakes, Specialized, Dulux and Bio racer to name but a few. So looking forward to receiving the nice new kit and bikes at the end of the month!

I’m really happy about joining the team. They know me well from 2011 in the Super Six’s and Premiers and they will be focussing on the top British races. They will be a great group of guys to race with, as guys like Kit Gilham and Alistair Kay pack plenty of experience in the big races.

The team's 2012 kit
My winter training has been a lot better than the previous year. Due to the fact I stopped racing in early September for a break, I therefore prevented myself from picking up too many late season illnesses and was able to crack on by putting in the winter miles.

I can’t wait for the team’s training camp in Spain, as the traditional appalling West of Scotland weather has been at its best this year!  

We’re staying for a week from the 11th -18th of February at the Ciclo Costa Blanca Premier Hotel and Resort. They are supporting the team and the resort has got a great cycling setup so it’s the ideal place to go to get some training or a holiday in the sun. If anyone’s over, would be cool to see you there!

Hope everyone has a great year!


Ciclo Costa Blanca Website: