Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Braveheart Blog - June Races

The races at the end of May/start of June were a bit up and down for me. I was suffering with my usual allergies at this time of year. Not been able to breathe enough to recover from my efforts during races and I have been plagued with bad luck in the mechanical side of things.

didn't go that great at the Scottish champs, got caught out when a break went away early on and then having to change my wheels twice before getting little room to make a chasing group. It was a losing battle but I didn’t give in. The Ryedale GP didn’t go much better as my rear mech snapped off after 95 mile, putting me out the race. Things started to get better after that.

Anderside Classic

The Anderside Classic was a week later. I was feeling stronger and healthier than I had been a few weeks ago which was a good thing as the end of June is the biggest part of the season for me.

The race was straight forward enough as a small break was up the road including my teammate Davy Lines, and I bridged across Evan, Matt Kipling and a Stirling guy later on. We were all attacking as we headed over the Eaglesham Moors after finishing the circuits but the group kept coming back together.

My last break to get away was on a farm road descent but it was a bit dodgy as it was chucking it down by then. The course turned right onto a bigger road, I eased up preparing for the last couple of miles of cat and mouse, but was surprised when the finish appeared 75 meters round a blind bend. Evan saw it first and took it easily with Matt 2nd and myself 3rd.

It was a great course going down to Fenwick and Stewarton, then a couple of laps of last year’s Scottish champ’s course.

Peebles Criterium

During the week was the Peebles Tweedlove criterium. It was on a cracking minute a lap course with a rise before the last corner. There were brilliant crowds there as well.

The winning break

The race split in two around the half way mark and I got away with Callum Wilkinson who was going really strong, Scott McRae and Allan Clark with a few laps to go. I was second into the last corner and I sprinted away from them to take it by a couple of bike lengths. Allan was 2nd and Callum 3rd.

Tour of the Reservoir Premier Calendar

Last weekend was the Tour of the Reservoir Premier. I was feeling strong and really up for it, as the last two Premiers were ruined for me by mechanicals.  

I changed my tactics a bit from the Ryedale.

It worked out better as I was getting moves all the time; I even got in the winning move as it went away. But unfortunately, as I made the effort to get across to it, the toughest climb of the circuit was approaching. I was fine on the drag sections but I just hadn’t recovered enough to stay with them after turning onto the steepest part, so I blew up and got tailed off. I think in hindsight, I would have backed off slightly and then pushed on again when we were back on the drag section.

After that I pushed myself to get in most of the chasing groups, but I started to tire on the last lap. My day’s efforts were taking their toll on me. The bunch was flat out drag race across the dam to the finish and I crossed the line 21st, 44 seconds down on the winner.

I was happy with my performance though. I was always up there in the mix, rarely out the top 20 in the pack and getting into lots of moves. Just need some more races to get the results.

Here's a good video of the race from the BC website: 

Really looking forward the British champs next weekend, after that I’ve got the Arthur Campbell RR and then some Spanish racing!


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