Sunday, 2 October 2011

Braveheart Blog - End of Season

Since my last blog, at the start of August, I won the Border trophy race down in Northumberland which was a great event on a super tough course.

The rest of my team and I did our best to help Gary Hand win the Super Six overall title at the last round in Falkirk, well done to him and the guys for that. I lost grip and came off on a dodgy roundabout just before the finish which was a pain but I came off with just a few grazes.

I hit a wee bit of a bad patch later on health-wise, so I did my best at the Scottish Crit champs to help Davy Lines win as I knew I wasn’t capable of winning because the state I was in. It was a well deserved victory for him, well done Davie!

The main break of the day
The sprint

I had my last two Premiers at the end of August, big end of season goals for me.
The Twinings Pro/Am race was a bit of a disaster, since on the first lap, I got knocked off my bike in a big pile up at 40mph and never got back on to the bunch after that. I was lucky to get no serious injuries, so I was up for the next weekend’s Premier, Richmond GP, especially as I was feeling healthier and stronger than the past weeks before.

Next up was the Richmond GP Premier. My favourite course of the season with its mega hills like the 4km, 25%, Buttertubs climb and killer finishing circuits.

A strong break of 4 stayed clear to fight for the win. The Endura Racing team missed out on the move, so the whole race was about chasing the break. I was in the large chasing group and sprinted into to 15th place on the cobbled finish. It was a good race for me as I was strong on the big climbs but it was tough getting into a good position to sprint out. Something I will be working on for next year.

The bunch on the Buttertubs climb

Bibby and  Teirnan Locke, the best climbers in the Premiers this year,  trying to get away from the pack

On the tough finishing circuits

The winner from the break - Andy Tennant 

Crossing the line 15th
Well after the Richmond, that was my season pretty much over. I did  the cool, well organised Peebles Pro/Am  the week after. British guys from down south were riding and it was won by an impressive ride by Evan Oliphant. I came 8th.

I’m happy with my progression this year. I am a lot stronger than I was from last year and I am able to compete in the top Premiers now.

I want to thank the Braveheart Fund, and everyone who helped contribute to the fund as it really makes a big difference helping travel to the big races down south and racing abroad like my Basque country trip in July. Also thanks for the support and praise from everyone, it’s much appreciated.

Thanks for reading my blogs

Some videos:

Richmond GP

Border Trophy RR - Finish Sprint at 2 mins on video

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